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Jan 18, 2017
Baltimore Charm City Maryland
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I be laughing at myself like shit.... Like I know y'all think I'm extra sometimes on here.. but I promise y'all.... I'm the same way in real life.

So anyway... Had to work this job today... someone ordered a shit load of soil to put in their yard.... Like a fucking whole dump truck worth. I got the job to shovel it into wheelbarrows... And put it across the yard
.. Easy money, mid level hard work. just a lot of digging and pushing.

Well I'm the middle, the nigga who house it was got his boy to help. Which was cool... Cuz he was doing more of the Packing and raking of the soil... Making sure it was level and in the right spot......I did mostly the shoveling and unloading.

Now I never asked for help. I would have done the whole drop myself. But it was a lot, and it would have took me longer dolo.

But....I did not hire the extra nigga... The home owner did.

Man. Why this old nigga try to press me for some of my pay 😌

I laughed dead in his face and told him talk to the nigga who called him.... He gonna say

"You don't know my track record"

Bruh....I almost died laughing 😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

Told that old nigga thank the Lord ever day he wake up
Life is a blessing...🤣🤣