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Dec 24, 2017
ABW Bucks
Funny gif but I’m serious as fuck.

over the last few weeks I’m seeing black folks fighting for POC and “gay rights”. Yea we have gay black folks but how the hell they gon fight for gay rights when it ain’t gon matter because at the end of the day they still black and will be treated as such. They need to be fighting for us because they are us regardless who they like. And those other POCs don’t rock with us at all. They fighting for Asian, white passing Latino, and white gay rights at the core of the shit.
Dec 20, 2017
ABW Bucks
My ABW AKA sorors...

...come getcha sister. Lol
Man they had a while broadway show with actors pretending to be Kappas. Niggas was heated. I thought it was fucked up only because these niggas was acting like us even when they weren’t on stage. They posted to their socials with our gear on, doing our steps, etc., but almost in a mockingly way. One dude was getting straight harassed by Kappas on his socials, lol.

But at the end of the day I wasn’t pressed because these dudes all the way in NY and obviously have no idea what the frat is about. I think the national chapter hit them with some sort of cease and desist type deal where they could still do the show under certain guidelines.


Dec 22, 2017
ABW Bucks
Everytime someone says women should arm themselves...protect themselves some how ... someone replies but women are 800 mote times likely to be killed by the weapon or arrested them the icing on the cake... how bout you tell men blah blah people the stupidity and thick headedness is mind bottling

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Jun 25, 2019
ABW Bucks
Aight so I was gone make this a thread but then I thought it was only about a song so what’s the big deal. I mean it’s a song but i think it highlights how a lot of women have flawed thinking when it comes to men.

The song where the chick sings I hate that you ain’t your best friend.

She goes into detail about how her man’s homie treated her like a Queen when she needed something and uses that rationale to say that his mans is better suited for her than him.

But she completely neglects the fact that she doesn’t understand how men think. If that’s my mans, and my mans comes through for you, and treats you like a queen, and this is my best friend. That says more about me than it does him.

For one it shows that I’m a good judge of character cause that’s my mans.

For two it shows ima solid dude causes niggaz like that ain’t solid with niggaz who ain’t solid.

For three it shows how I view you cause he treats you like you the important individual I express you to be in private.

For four it shows how he views me cause of how he treats something that he knows is important to me.

And finally, it shows the respect I demand for me and things that I find important to me cause of what he did.

Then..on top of that,she neglects how he treats other women he doesn’t know or presume to be as important as I have made you to be.

But you know what she does? Neglects all of that and makes it about her and her insecurities about not being cared about enough even though all of the evidence says otherwise..

a lot of when just don’t think beyond themselves
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