The Lonious Monk

Celestial Souljah
Jan 8, 2018
ABW Bucks
Men and women don't understand each other and don't even try to understand each other. We just assume everyone thinks the same and make judgements based on that.

My wife was watching some talk show where women were talking about how crazy it was that men would randomly send pictures of their dicks when trying to get play. My wife was like "I don't understand why guys think that's cute." I understand that women don't like that, but it's weird that women can't understand why men do it. There isn't a man out there that would object to a woman sending him random pics of titties, and women know that because there are women that do it.

The fact of the matter is that whether man or woman, a lot of us proceed with things based on what we like, and a lot of the time we make bad assumptions because we don't get how differently other people think than us. It doesn't always have to be some malevolent thing. Sometimes a person is just being thoughtless.

Ladies if you ever wonder why some dumbass nigga thought it was a good idea to send you a dick pic after talking for two days. It's because he knows that if you sent him a pussy pic after two days that shit would probably have him on the moon and he's too dumb to realize that you probably don't think about things the way he does.