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King Freeman

They forgot...
2020 ABW Best Foreigner
Dec 19, 2017
ABW Bucks
Naw 1st impressions matter, demod her! She very much dipping in everybody shit. Purposely ignoring ppl then go make subliminal threads. Then try to act 🎬🙄all " I call ppl out". Shit starter for no reason. If your posts only move because you being negative ,you need to go to mod school or where ever you can to get your skills up. Oh let me address this whole family 👪🏾 unit "I been on here for years ",you must be new bullshit. It's not rocket science how this site moves, who is posting where. It's mad annoying every got damn post here this chick is.....where everyone else? Let me converse with the people in the cryptocurrency thread cus this like the only thread where she is not adding her not needed two cents. Sometimes its best to not be seen. Too much kandy, will rot your teeth out.....I'm good. View attachment 594422