Pants sagging

Mar 6, 2017
Hampton VA
ABW Bucks
I know back in the 2000's people were sagging their pants to be cool and shit following a trend.

Now as you get older you mature from it and realize having your pants up makes you look better.

I remember sagging my pants and hated fucking up the end of my pants.

At what age did you start sagging your pants and then stop doing it?
never fully stopped but haven’t did how we used to do when I was younger.
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5 Grand

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Mar 14, 2018
ABW Bucks
I wear my cloths baggy, but I never have my underwear showing. I think that looks ridiculous.

In Trenton people wear clothes that don't fit. Their pants go from under their ass to halfway up their calf, so their ass is showing. They couldn't pull their pants up if they tried.

My pants sag, but my shirt always covers up the space between my pants and my waist. Even when I bend over to pick something up my underwear doesn't show.
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Y’all ni66az half-assed like 1 booty cheek...
Mar 24, 2018
At tha Krispy Kreme makin’ G’s...please
ABW Bucks
I was way more “obnoxious” wit’ it as a youngin’ but I still sag a lil...mainly cuz tha cut of tha pants

Kinda on topic I remember I damn near died one morning at work cuz this chick told a nigga in tha shop he had “ass camel toe” cuz his pants was up too high lol


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Sep 8, 2019
ABW Bucks
I started around the 5th grade. I remember comparing who had the baggier jeans in class, smh. I stopped some time towards the end of hs. For sure stopped before college. I see baggy clothing is coming back, you couldn't pay me to go back to that shit, lol.
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