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Dec 24, 2017
ABW Bucks

By trading KL.

But hey.
It worked for Toronto. They got a ring
It working out for Lakers. They got AD and in first place in the west
It looks like its working for NOLA because BI is becoming a star.

Only loser is Pop and the Spurs

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Jan 18, 2017
ABW Bucks
OG is right these young players only get recorded at shoot around to dunk

Zion’s only draw is dunking

that’s why they be showing that nigga pregame

7 years of that on top of his high school career is a lot

you see Russell Westbrook stopped dunking...


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Jan 18, 2017
ABW Bucks
Niggas have scene this episode alot can you blame them?
i think being cautious about the situation is a fair take to have, however, can we all admit how advanced sports medicine has come since a dude like Amare was playing and going through his issues?

Can we acknowledge that this idea of load management is actually helping extend careers?

I mean, every article I've read from trainers, doctors, etc have said that zion's weight wasnt the sole cause for his injury and in fact didnt contribute as much to it if at all, but let twitter tell you, the dude is overweight.

The way he lands after dunks, hell, even the way he just walks getting out of bed is a conversation that cant be reduced to him just losing weight. He could've had walking imbalances all through his playing career.

This all im saying, b/c i dont want it to seem like i'm trying to insult anyone b/c i aint no doctor, but they have completely torn down everything about his posture, his walking, running, stopping on a dime, etc... If they felt he wasnt 10000% ready to play with AS break right around the corner, then I would have to think they probably would just shut him down. No one is being pressured to play him. Not Gentry, not DGriff, etc...

why cant the focus just be on the guy's NBA debut instead of all the would,coulda, shoulda shit that may not happen at all??