Sep 14, 2019
ABW Bucks
i think it may be time to detach from the brain washed people in this country

Its like we try to find fault with each other just so we have something to talk about.

When in reality nothing was done wrong ......

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Jan 14, 2017
The Highway
ABW Bucks
This nigga afraid to look bad in front of whites...

Hate to see it
Good one lol

But nah, its not about being afraid of what i looked like to white people, it was about holding down another black person cuz i know none of these white mfs will and i was the only nigga there.


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Dec 25, 2017
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ABW Bucks
i forgot about money wars...but again...if you have any suggestions as to how to make it more balanced...let's hear them

I'll be honest.

Never really participated in it, but.......from everything I've seen.........the "robbing" feature needs to be taken away altogether.

Seems like this is why a lot of people (mainly the women) stopped playing all the games, lotteries, tournaments, etc.

Basically, it took the fun out of winning...........or even playing for that matter........if you were just gonna end up getting robbed anyway.

So, as a result, people didn't care to participate anymore.

And gradually started to withdraw from the forum as well.
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