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Jan 18, 2017
ABW Bucks
I'm I hating?..

When i listen to the budden podcast and they get to talking about music. From acts like Her, PND, Frank Ocean, and some of the younger folks. I ain't hip, so I check out the music. They're going on 20 to 30 minute slurp fests over some of the most basic shit I've ever heard.

I ain't Aretha Franklin myself, but these mufuckas cant sing. Frank Ocean always sounds like his voice is just about to crack. Her shit ain't hitting, PND makes the same song over and over again, either with him or another artist.

I'm I just hating, ion hear 20 to 30 minutes of slurpin over them in their music.

Reminds me of how some of the nba commentators slurp over james harden and you watch a game. And it's like a total of 5 minutes of interesting ball from him.

Every podcast


Shut the fuck up


Dec 21, 2017
ABW Bucks
damn...didnt know this

i read Huey Newton's book and he briefly spoke on Hampton's death/assassination, but he didnt go into detail as i believe he was locked up when it happened and he got the news from someone else, but damn, this shit crazy. My goal was to eventually read up on Fred Hampton. If anyone knows of any good readings, please send them

Mannnnn this Shit right Here , This Is literally " It Be ya oWN pEOPLE " bUT niggas Skipped this & rather go back & forth
over Baller Alert & Bossip topics