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Sage Wonder

Scary Hours
Dec 20, 2017
ABW Bucks
- 2-1 Nitty. I’m a fan of neither, but I prefer Rum Nitty’s battle style over Geechi’s; that’s the only thing that distinguishes them.
- 2-1 Chilla
- 2-1 Eazy
- 2-1 Ave. I prefer Jey, but strictly four-bar punchline battle rap apparently wins more than what Jey does and Ave is a high-level puncher (so is Jey, but it’s not what I think he’s known for).
- 2-1 Dot
- 2-1 Danny, but it will be debatable and battle of the night.
- 2-1 Fonz. This reminds me of JC vs Twork.
- 2-1 Mike P. I hope Mike P loses, but I don’t think Lu can win this battle.
- 2-1 T-Top
- I’m pretending that Loso and Jerry Wess aren’t on this card.
2-1 Geechi... i really cant call this, they both been locked in but something tell me Geechi takes this
3-0 Chilla
2-1 Eazy... rex might got some shit but i question his breath control & pace
2-1 Jey
2-1 Dot
3-0 Sikh ... only because Danny been taking too many battles while sikh been locked in for just this one
2-1 JC ... fonz aint twork lol
2-1 Castro ... i suspect he learned a lot working with shine
2-1 T-Top
2-1 Loso ... jerry hasn't shown me enough in recent battles