OUT NOW NAS - Lost Tapes 2 (7-19)

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Dec 20, 2017
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Yo Black, it's time!

Escobar Season has returned, niggas!

July 19 2019 (via Mass Appeal/Def Jam)


01 No Bad Energy [prod. Swizz Beatz]
02 Vernon Family [prod. Pharrell Williams]
03 Jarreau of Rap (Skatt Attack) [ft. Al Jarreau and Keyon Harrold, prod. Eddie Cole]
04 Lost Freestyle [prod. Statik Selektah]
05 Tanasia [prod. RZA]
06 Royalty [ft. RaVaughn, prod. Hit-Boy]
07 Who Are You [ft. David Ranier, prod. Eric Hudson]
08 Adult Film [ft. and prod. Swizz Beatz]
09 War Against Love [prod. DJ Dahi and DJ Khalil]
10 The Art of It [ft. J. Myers, prod. Pete Rock]
11 Highly Favored [prod. RZA]
12 Queens Woolf [prod. DJ Toomp]
13 It Never Ends [prod. The Alchemist]
14 You Mean the World to Me [prod. Kanye West]
15 Queens Bridge Politics [prod. Pete Rock]
16 Beautiful Life [ft. RaVaughn, prod. No I.D.]

The trailer features "Lost Freestyle" produced by Statik Selektah

The Lost Tapes 2 features unreleased tracks from the sessions for 2006’s Hip-Hop Is Dead, his 2008 untitled record, 2012’s Life Is Good, and last year’s NASIR.
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Aug 7, 2018
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Damn, this is about 10 years late or more. He released Lost TApes 1 in 2002. Fuck. 17 years later we get some songs that weren't on albums from 10-15 years before? So these songs been Indiana Jones Tomb RAider lost for like 25 years total or more??? I'm just saying we been wanting the Lost tapes 2 since like 2004. We should be on Lost Tapes 5 right now. I'm guessing this is gonna be songs lost from 2002-2019 & probably even before 2002? In that case shit needs to be about 4cd's long. Nas is my favorite rapper; and I gotta even say: I don't give a fuck about the Lost Tapes 2 now. Fuck it, I said it. I'll still listen to it, but I'm just saying practically almost none of his fans give a shit no more. That better late than never cliche is not applied here. And yeah, I'll still listen to it
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