Moving Out Of The Hood

Are Blacks Who Move Out of the Hood Sell-Outs?

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Jan 14, 2017
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Me and @Race Jones had a debate about this early last year and I saw @King Du talk about how blacks should stay in the hood after they get enough money to move to the burbs. I disagree with both.

Are blacks who move out the hood sell outs?​


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May 9, 2017
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Story out that a sista got bodied for her 3000 dollar tax refund. 3000 dollars b, you can’t be in the hood when people know you got a well paying Job.

And it ain’t a black thing, it’s a hood thing, it’s the hood mentality. The mentality that quick come up is more precious than a well played grind paying off. Folk want that immediately satisfaction, even if it’s at your expense.

Not to say those same people don’t exist outside of the hood, It’s just more prominent. When I work I The hood I have to be extra mindful of my truck, cause cats will steal shit that they don’t even know what it is.

And don’t even plan on selling it, just cause they feel like they can. How bout this, stay in the hood. By yourself a 60 inch 4K uhd tv. And put the box on the curb for trash pic up.

:chile:Bet that be the last time you do some shit like that...BET!!


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Feb 16, 2017
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Stay, buy up the property and help the ailing.

I don't blame a person for moving to the burbs. There's better schools, roads, facilities etc. However you become "The Blac Neighbor". White folk gonna put their shit up for sale soon as you move in. Your kids gonna deal with being the Niggers at school. Constantly dealing with ppl who are jealous that you are on their level, yet you're Blac.

We have a stigma of chasing the White man's leftovers versus creating our own oasis. We get money, move out to the burbs, the White man moves father away. Then the White man buys up what was once the hood for pennies, and turns it into a desirable, expensive place, and we get mad and think, Damn why didn't I do that.

Stay with your ppl, buy the bloc, invest, employ and teach your ppl.
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Oct 10, 2017
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There comes a point where you can't really enjoy the life you've built for yourself when you're still living amongst the wolves. When it gets to that point you have two options:

1. Stay and keep the level of material things at the level of those around you.
2. Leave and enjoy your success but make a point to give back to the community you left behind.

The latter is really what folks that make it should do but very few will. If it's just volunteering your time or what have you then do that. It can be mentoring, it can be speaking, it can be monetary donations, do whatever but make a contribution to help folks pull out of their situations.

Sam Crooke

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Jan 18, 2017
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Are blacks who move out the hood sell outs?​
No. Do you ever wonder why the "hood" never changes? Nobody wanna make it better. Everytime people from the hood try put money back in the hood, it's always the niggas in the hood that tear each other down. Geatest thing my parents did was move us out of the hood.


Dec 22, 2017
ABW Bucks
The hood isnt the hood by chance. Its very systematic.

The government purposefully doesnt invest as much money in the hood.

Lets take New Jersey as example.

Cops in Glen Rock, Allendale, Ridgewood make way more money than cops in Newark, Camden, and Paterson even though Glen Rock has no crime and Newark is riddled with crime. As soon as cops have any experience, they leave Newark and look for jobs in Glen Rock cause they make more money. This makes it so only the worst cops stay in Newark even though Newark needs the most experienced cops.

Lets take schools. This is a real life example. When Chris Christie became the governor of NJ, first thing he did was make major cuts to the education budget. I remember Wayne school district getting the most state funds while Newark, Irvington, and Paterson lost the most and ended up getting the least. Anyone that knows Jersey knows that Wayne is one of the nicest suburbs in Jersey and doesnt need any state funds whereas Newark, Paterson, and Irvington school districts need the most state funds.

I can keep going. There is tons of proof that the "hood" is systematically kept poor.

With that said, everyone that could leave, should leave. Your not gonna be able to build a real sense of community in a place the government is opressing to that degree.

Getting out from that opression is a success.