Megyn (KK)Kelly Eyes A Comeback After Blackface Scandal, Likely In Right-Wing Media

Dec 22, 2017
ABW Bucks

After getting the boot — and the cushy remainder of her $69 million contract — from NBC last year, former cables news and daytime TV host Megyn Kelly is reportedly eyeing her options for a comeback, The Daily Beast reported.

But the odds of her landing a gig anywhere but in the far-right media are low, given the blackface controversy that led to her departure. (During a segment on Halloween costumes last year, Kelly said she thought it was fine that white people wear blackface on Halloween, was forced to apologize on air and admitted she didn’t know about the makeup’s racist past up until that point in life).

A source close to Kelly told the Daily Beast that she’s “getting informed on the landscape” and looking into new media, which will likely be her only option outside of a Fox News return. But Hope Hicks, Fox Corporation’s now-head spokesperson told the Daily Beast there has been “no change” in Lachlan Murdoch’s thinking since he last commented on Kelly, saying she was “talented,” but he is happy with the network’s current lineup of shows.


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Dec 22, 2017
ABW Bucks

Fame is a powerful drug.

If I were in her situation and got a $69 million settlement, I'd fade into obscurity and enjoy the rest of my life out of the public eye.

She got “fuck y’all I’ll be on my island” money
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