NSFW Mega Thread!!!!! Come see all your favorite girls


Feb 9, 2020
ABW Bucks
Why you still arguing with her tho plus if she trying to get her content removed. She would have to just email the ABW staff.
I actually left it alone until a source dropped this info. Now I am going hard in the paint on her and any other thot that thinks their DAP makes them smarter than an incel virgin.

Plus there are thot captains in here, so I am putting them on notice.

All I'm doing is counter-punching like FMJ.


Dec 11, 2019
ABW Bucks
This is a prime example of why legal threats from an OF airhead never have weight or validity.

She exposed confidential conversations between her and her lawyer that can get the case terminated, and now she tries to weaponize underage content that was on her OF from the jump?

And clearly she is and was aware of the fact that underage content goes against OF guidelines; not to mention it's CHILD PORNOGRAPHY.

She's SOLD her own underage content (which is a FEDERAL offense) by packaging it in with legal, adult content and incriminates herself as distributor of said content.

No wonder lawyers don't give a fuck about dealing with these dumbass sex workers.

Quick to brag and boast about how OF money isn't their main income source because they have some rundown, Fashion Nova bootleg business and a college education yet it doesn't show at all.