HIP HOP AINT DEAD ---- The underground connection


Aug 8, 2018
ABW Bucks
also speaking of Brown Bag Money. New Interview with Family Gang Black

Family Gang Black is one of those rare artists who is a true artist of our time. With his brutality honest debut Ventilation he is soon to be one of Canada’s greats! Starting off with the introduction Lo & Family by starting off why he had to change his original name to Family Gang Black, the events leading up to meeting Asun Eastwood & discovering the new underground renaissance, his connection to Rochester & Toronto, Toronto’s HipHop Scene, putting his reality into his art, listening to other genres of music, knowing MAV & Rob Gates early on, linking with Gold Era’s Finn for the debut album Ventilation, doing his own unreleased interview and added parts of it within part of the album, chemistry with Saipher Soze, artists being able to sell their physical music & merch compared to when everything was going digital around 2004ish, near the end Family dropped a whole gem that’s truly inspirational! His artisty should not be overlooked check out his debut Ventilation! Guest: IG @familygangblack Host IG @kxnglo Podcast Page IG & Twitter @fromthedeskoflo​