Harry Hippie, are you RD from the IC?? AKA Harry pulled out the racket on Du.


Hop out the drop, run you over like the juggernaut
Dec 25, 2017
ABW Bucks
aw shit.

bruh dont go looking for him again.
you got two beautiful kids and a gorgeous wife.
it aint worth it.
be the leader in your community that it needs.

we got enough niggas.
we need leaders.
I’ll fight you on the undercard.


Getcho ass out the way.


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Jan 18, 2018
ABW Bucks
You a foot soldier nigga

Imagine me, a general, squabbling with a subordinate

I put a arrow through your heart with two sentences with straight facts, no insults

You just too emotional and stupid to verbally spar. Stand on your ban G

“Why you mention my kids” just like a bitch. That shit wasn’t personal at all. Straight facts. Nah I undressed you nigga. No shots at your folks. Use those same emotions and show care for your folks and be a fucking man with logic. You already threatened my life and I know what you look like. It ain’t a act g, I’m really a mean nigga

Lmaoo you weak ass niggas get used to all that sassy shit and gossiping and when a nigga talk straight to you, y’all don’t know how to react.

I would have said those same words to you in your face nigga. Play your internet games with somebody who play like that g.

Too many counting on me to squabble with a loser who don’t know who the fuck he is. Go squabble with a history book bitch. I’m a symbol in these Streets. Take this favor and go up

Stand on your ban