COMMUNITY Happy Black History Month ABW!

Whis Khalifa

Legion of Trill
Mod Squad
2020 ABW Cool Chick
Jan 18, 2017
ABW Bucks

Week 1 -change avi to a black icon- female
Week 2 -change avi to black icon- male
Week 3- avi pic of you in ya black power/ally gear
Week 4- avi blackout- no pics, just solid black

Each participant receives $1mil in Abw bucks per week and an additional $5mil for participating all 4 weeks.

{Never know when those could come in handy...}

Also: Drop some rare black history facts and photos and get $1mil each!!

Time for us to prosper, my people.

Week 1 Participants:
@Revolver Ocelot
@Mister B.
@Whis Khalifa
@Chi-akin Citywalker
@King Freeman
@T. Sanford
@Neutron Don
@Focal Point