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Jan 19, 2017
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Gleamin is a Vitamin C clay mask with tumeric and Aloe Vera. It is used to help even your skin tone.
Price: 39.99
Subscription Price: 35.99 (you choose between 1 month to 3 months when you want them to send the next batch.

My experience: I ordered it on July 2 and it shipped the next day. Unfortunately, somehow it ended up at the wrong post office twice and I received it on July 17th. I never fault the company for shipping issues unless they don’t ship out on time. So 🖕🏾 UPS for sending my stuff several different places.

From the reviews, they say you get an instant glow! I didn’t believe that but I did see some reviews say over time and being consistent, they saw results. As with most things.

I tried it for the first time tonight, July 17. The packaging is very cute. I’ll post a pic below. It comes with a small brush to apply the mask. The mask is a mustard color. It also has a slight smell, it’s not a stinky smell. Smells like medicine a little to me. Nothing unbearable.

The texture of it is like your normal clay mask, if you’ve ever used one. It’s not thick and you don’t need a lot to spread on your face. It goes on smooth. I did get a small tingle on my forehead but idk if that was from the mask or from my fan blowing the wet mask on my forehead. 🤔 It’s supposed to stay on for 10 minutes. It dries pretty quickly and your face will be stiff when it’s dry. Rinse with warm water, it comes off really easy. Be careful though, when it’s dry, it flakes.After removing the mask, my face looked a little brighter but nothing dramatic. I applied some moisturizer because it did make my face feel dry.

I plan to use this twice a week until I run out. I didn’t think to take a before pic but I do have pics of the product and my face with the product.

2983BD2F-EC27-4D45-BA88-BFD7AEE2BF89.jpeg DBA6BEFE-01E1-491D-BF6F-2F805DD037B4.jpeg

I’m super heavy on black owned businesses but I’m unsure if this black owned or not. I’ve been told yes and no.​