Former NFL player Kellen Winslow Jr. has been convicted of raping a 58yo homeless woman


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Oct 10, 2017
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MIGHT...shhhhiiieeeettt. That muthafucca should've been at rehab...damn a football field.
I'm saying every celebrity that claims "sex addiction" and goes to rehab for a week ain't got what this nigga got. This looks like a case of for real ass sex addiction.


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Jan 22, 2017
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I mean how much effort did the coaching staff really do to get this brotha help. Real talk.

If it was drugs...they would've gone all out to help him.


Feb 22, 2019
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Doesn't he have serious mental issues??? I think a psychiatric hospital is the best option in this case.


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Dec 22, 2017
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Kellen Winslow Jr. takes plea deal, faces 12-18 years in prison
VISTA, Calif. -- Former NFL player Kellen Winslow Jr. pleaded guilty Monday to raping an unconscious teen and sexual battery involving a 54-year-old hitchhiker.
Winslow entered the pleas as he was about to be retried on two rape allegations in San Diego County Superior Court.

In exchange for his plea, the court agreed to sentence him to between 12 and 18 years in prison. He had faced life in prison if convicted of rape on multiple counts in the retrial.

In June, a jury found him guilty of raping a homeless woman in Encinitas, north of San Diego. Jurors also convicted him of two misdemeanors -- indecent exposure and a lewd act in public -- involving two other women.

But that jury failed to agree on other charges, including the alleged rape of the hitchhiker and the rape of the unconscious teen in 2003. Under the plea deal, the attack on the hitchhiker was reduced to sexual battery.

The 36-year-old former tight end -- at one point one of the highest-paid in the NFL -- had previously pleaded not guilty to the undecided charges. His attorney, Gretchen von Helms, had said the sex was consensual.
Five women took the witness stand this summer, and three of them were expected to testify again.

Defense attorneys attacked the credibility of the five women and pointed out inconsistencies in their stories in the first trial.

The court had planned to allow the new jury to hear that Winslow was convicted of raping the homeless woman, who would have been among those testifying again.
Jurors would also have been told about the indecent exposure conviction, though that woman was not expected to take the stand.

Winslow, who played for Cleveland, Tampa Bay, New England and the New York Jets, earned more than $40 million over 10 seasons in the NFL. He is the son of Chargers Hall of Fame receiver Kellen Winslow, who was in the courtroom throughout the first trial.

The defendant did not testify at his first trial.


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May 28, 2019
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12 years of total he'll serve... considering how many women didn't press charges and the climate we're living in now, I think he did all right. Crazy how a man/his Father Kellen Sr. was a str8 up man's man that lived a most righteous life, and from everything I've learned was as dedicated a father as could be - that this shit could happen to HIM means it could happen to anyone.
P.S. If you read the transcripts/charges, etc. , this dude wasn't about grabbing ass, he's got real issues upstairs, Jr. needs serious help.