Dr. Dre Suffers Brain Aneurysm


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Feb 14, 2017
Legion of Trill
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How tf you survive a brain aneurysm?!

If they took DOOM and Dr. Dre within 5 days of eachother i done know how I would continue. All my heroes are dying.
They caught it early ajd Dr. Dre is in stable condition now. In late 2018 one of my bestfriends had a brain aneurysm, he was JUST about to embark on a trip when he started experiencing severe headaches and blurred vision.

His regular routine before he travels he sees the doctor just in case to make sure he good. The doctor then told him he wanted to do further testing, but asked him to stay a few hours, the next day they had brain surgeons flown in because he was experiencing a brain aneurysm. My dude had an operation the next day but he had to re-establish cognitive function and how to reuse the left side of his body again. Thankfully he made a full recovery and is good but dayum man that was a scary moment.


Nov 13, 2020
ABW Bucks
Sorry to hear that. I was thinking it was the case taking it's toll on him too.

I thought dude was in pretty good shape for his age.