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Oh The Ironing
Mod Squad
Jan 18, 2017
Sitting Back Laughing
ABW Bucks
Smokin was kinda weak
my country beat was terrible
rule featuring amerie was trash
destroy & rebuild was ok but i dont really listen to it
of course braveheart party was trash
It's nice to meet you......now shut the fuck up

Smoking is piff af b
My nigga smoke with one lung
If he cough he might die, passing me trees
The liquor bottle's almost empty
We about to collide, with the enemy
Only way you die if it's meant to be
You fucking with a general
No discussion is the principle we busting it's the end of you
Now we knocking on your mama door
Like we cam to fix the sink, my kind of war
Death, angels coming for you
Spirit horse running from your body like Young Guns 1 and 2
Paramedics fighting for you, who's gon' win?
The hands of time, or the hands of medicine
Don't cry, witness your fate, this is your wake
Walk by your casket, spit in your face
Enter the fog dog, the light is your guide
And when you're gone all your niggas gon' light it with Nas

My Country beat is good. Atypical of Nas when he story telling

Rule was a decent follow up to If I Ruled The World. Not a classic but far from trash

D&R top 5 songs on the joint