Busta Rhymes look-a-like wilds out at amusement park


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Dec 20, 2017
ABW Bucks
If a couple mfs wouldve intervened on the dumb fuck ruled by his emotions like a bitch maybe it wouldve ended sooner. Fails on every level.


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Feb 15, 2017
ABW Bucks

SANTA ANA, Calif. (CNS) - Criminal charges were filed Tuesday against a Las Vegas man and his sister and brother-in-law in connection with a brawl at Disneyland that was captured on video that went viral.

Avery Desmond-Edwinn Robinson, 35, along with his sibling, Andrea Nicole Robinson, 40, and her husband Daman Petrie, 44, both of Compton, are scheduled to be arraigned today at the North Justice Center in Fullerton on various counts stemming from the fight and an off-camera incident with security guards, according to Kimberly Edds, a spokeswoman for the Orange County District Attorney's Office.

Avery Robinson is charged with one felony count each of domestic battery with corporal injury, assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury on his girlfriend and assault with a deadly weapon and two counts of criminal threats, along with five counts of battery and four counts of child abuse and endangerment, all misdemeanors.

He faces seven years and four months in prison if convicted as charged.

His sister is charged with four misdemeanor counts of battery for allegedly attacking her brother, his girlfriend and a Disneyland security guard, and a misdemeanor count of assault on her brother's girlfriend. She faces 2 1/2 years in jail if convicted.

Petrie is charged with one count of battery on Avery Robinson's girlfriend, who was punched in the face during the scrum, and faces up to six months in jail if convicted, Edds said.
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