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Dec 23, 2017
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Can y'all believe that the decade is almost over??? This has been a very interesting decade in wrestling, especially in WWE. What are some your best/worst moments this decade? Here's a few of mine:

July 2010: Nexus Debuts

I wasn't a big fan of the inaugural NXT that was basically a contest. But when they came out and DESTROYED everything around the ring on a RAW in Miami, it has the world talking. While that was a great moment, creative for them was awful.

June 2011: The Pipe Bomb

Nuff said. What a very entertaining summer for WWE and cm punk. His MITB match with Cena for the wwe title was a classic. Him leaving with the belt was epic.

Raw after Mania in 2012: Brock Returns

I'm not a big Brock fan now but before 2015, I was into Brock, especially when he retuned and dismantled Cena on the Raw after Mania in Miami (gosh, Miami has some great moments, huh??)

Survivor Series 2012: The Shield Debuts

I did not watch FCW/NXT at all at around this time so I had no idea who these guys were, but it was a shock when it looked like Ryback was gonna win the wwe title from cm punk and Cena

Raw December 2012: Big E debuts

Yeah, Big E shows his personality too much and has very questionable moves, but his debut not he main roster was pretty cool. I remember someone commenting on the IC "who's this Nation of Domination looking ass nigga??" lmao

Ziggler Wins WHC (Raw after Mania 2013)

This was great. When you heard "Im hear to show the world!" the crowd was wild, despite that fact that Dolph was a heel. Such a great moment against a douche like Alberto Del Rio

DB turns on Bray Wyatt (Raw January 2014)

The crowd control was epic from DB. Attitude era like. One of the best finishes in WWE history.

Seth turns on The Shield (Raw June 2014)

This happened too soon. Way too soon. Did the wrong member turn? Maybe, but still a great and shocking moment in the decade

Roman Reigns win the WWE title (Raw 2015)

Roman's most positive reaction pre-cancer announcement. More shocked that this was the reaction in Philadelphia of all places. Vince and the LON did a great job helping with this moment. The end of the clip is hilarious

I know theres more and I'll probably post worst moments too eventually but what are you moments from this decade of wrestling?
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