AllHipHop turns 20yrs old... Chuck & grouchy greg interview on Sway


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Dec 25, 2017
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That’s why they fucked up. Gave no fucks about the community that helped build them.

There would be so many lurkers bc of the posters that brought traffic. Their community is dead. I wonder how that has affected their money and business.

I'm thinking they used the traffic stats from the IC to convince the Maven people that those stats reflected traffic for the entire site.

Which, technically is true......since the IC is part of it definitely seems to be a little bit misleading as well.

If the Maven company compares the traffic from before they shut down the IC with the traffic after the switch to the new format.......they're definitely going to see the correlation in the reduced traffic to the site as a whole.

Wouldn't be surprised if there's a clause in their contract somewhere that requires them to give back a portion of the money they received for the sale if the numbers drastically reduce within a certain time period.

Which is probably why they're trying to......"bring back"......the IC before that clause kicks in.

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Aug 11, 2017
ABW Bucks
Bet niggas still go running back like battered wives looking for kat tho if the return of IC is true.
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May 29, 2018
ABW Bucks
Also, fuck those niggas, they can go suck a dick. Only way I'd go back to the IC is if they paid me a salary.