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Dec 22, 2017
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thanks bruh...
i see what your saying.
when i found myself in this same situation i had to take a look at the reasons why i added new goals.
is the new goals apart of the end game? are they added because now you know more?
nothing is wrong with adding more, but understand why they came up.
Also, make sure you are realistic about what you are chasing or running from.
While running from may sound bad...it doesnt have to be. its all about perspective.
I will say be sure to enjoy your accomplishments. reaching a goal without celebrating yourself can create problems for you in the long run.

One thing i did and continue to do is create a map. I listed out all the things i wanted and what i needed to do to reach those points. I then created a flow chart...i also added contingency plans incase something doesnt work out. Every morning i look at it....to see where i am in reaching my goals.

it gives me a barometer of how i am doing and what may need to be streamlined or what can be added.

Life is all about growth..take full advantage of it. And at least you have goals and wants for yourself. Alot of people are just ok with being ok.
Dope shit. Thanks for the perspective.


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Feb 14, 2018
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Props so far on the interview.

Either your daddy ain't give a fuck or he was wise beyond his years knowing what you were going through would make you who you are today.

I'd have to step in cause ain't no fighting each other to that level in the fam. And we damn sure going to look out for each other.

Blood is blood and we all we got.
Fuck all that blood is blood and we all we got shit.

That type of blind loyalty and thinking has gotten many people dead or in completely fucked up situations.

Fuck titles its all about the morals, principles and character a person shows and stands on that gets my loyalty, love and respect
Dec 20, 2017
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Fuck all that blood is blood and we all we got shit.

That type of blind loyalty and thinking has gotten many people dead or in completely fucked up situations.

Fuck titles its all about the morals, principles and character a person shows and stands on that gets my loyalty, love and respect
I was just speaking on how I'm raising my kids. They're going to love one another, me, and my wife, period. And also look out for one another. I'm instilling that in them now.


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Jul 11, 2021
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the main reason is she didnt keep her family in check. we was good until she had my son.

then everybody wanted to be the daddy, trying to block me out. i wasnt having it so we always got into conflict. so whenever i went to pick him up i was always ready for fuckery.
one day i went to get him....her dad and brother sitting in the living room with me.
these idiots leave a damn bbq fork out. my son picks it up and playful pushed it towards me eye. now hes like 2 but still...i snatched the fork and popped his hand. her dad didnt like that. so he wanna talk shit...we go back and forth..finally i said, i dont have to answer to you and i apologize for disrespecting you in your house but if you want to talk more come the fuck outside i got up walked out and slammed the shit out of the door.

this nigga goes and gets his rifle, comes outside and points the shit at me. told me to not come back again..i lost my fucking mind. but i didnt provoke him. went home thought about it. slept on it. then got my gun the next day and went to see him. i knocked on the door...let him know i had my shit but im here to talk. let him know to never do that shit again..and he wont stop me from seeing my son. he said cool.

like 5 months later or something this bitch disappears for two years. my only contact with my son was his school. like i had to take a day off work to go to his school just to tell him i loved him and daddy did not forget about him and i am working on it. took the fucking court like two years to make her ass allow me to see him. and it was all because some nigga that i knew was messing with her and he didnt want me around so he told her to not give me the number or address..thats what she told the court. it didnt matter if it was true or not, i handled that nigga the next time i saw him.

but the sad part is thats when i started seeing a change in my son.

its more but that my main reason that started it.
Ok I got context now...
Jan 19, 2017
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my brothers were apart of the local neighborhood gang....this was before the drugs in the hood took over.

but they used to have gangwars with other parts of germantown. but it was on some sticks bricks and bottle and hand to hand shit. niggas didnt bring guns.
i used to stumble across them about to go to fight and i would always get sent home. i was always told i was too small or too smart...i always heard go do your computers or fix something.
and on my moms side when jbm was poppin in philly. they used to go crazy at a place called the plateau...you would hear NORTHSIDE!!!! and a thousand niggas would come outta nowhere ready to crush anything in their path...and yet again...i was told to go home.

but in our house....my brothers was always getting locked up for something. kept my dad stressed like hell..always having to come up with bail money ...
The bold resonated with me after re-reading this. Before the drugs hit my little ass town/county we(the black kids) was fighting the redneck white boys drugs hit we were killing each other. The unity went to shit when the drugs and money came
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Dec 23, 2017
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Incredible story. Respect to you for your resilience whether it was with your sinlings or getting custody of your child. I'm in Zurich now for a couple of nights, definitely feel you on it being expensive as hell!