ABW Customer Service Thread


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Jan 18, 2017
ABW Bucks
As of this post, the mods are officially OUT of the affairs that occur between members. If a member has a complaint, this will be the thread to voice it in.

In order to file a grievance b/t another poster, you must post the complaint in here and include any screenshots of whatever you are including in your complaint.

This is NOT a thread for discussion. All requests will be taken VERY seriously and will be discussed with all mods and @Goldie as well as the parties mentioned.

ANY posts that do NOT follow these instructions will be deleted, NO questions asked. This is not going to be ABW court. If you still would like to go that route, that is your decision, but will ultimately be up to whatever judge/jury is presiding over that case.

Some examples include but are not limited to:

-Race baiting
-Excessive and unnecessary use of profanity
-Racial and Homophobic slurs

Any punishments handed down will take into consideration an offender's posting history/behavior. Some consequences will be more severe than others, but as mentioned previously, all SERIOUS requests will be discussed.

We can't think of every single situation, but again, if you are serious about the abusive nature of someone towards you or anything related, use this thread.