A$AP Rocky Facing 6 Years In Prison


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Mar 24, 2018
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Ever been in jail withdrawing from heroin?

Rocky been linked to heroin addiction?? Never heard this...I could see it I guess wit’ tha whole “artsy fartsy Cac” world he been engulfed in tha past few years...

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Jan 18, 2017
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ASAP Rocky, who's currently being held for two weeks in a Swedish jail in connection with an incident he says began with two men following and harassing him, is reportedly facing inhumane conditions at a "disease-ridden" facility.

Per sources that TMZ said Tuesday have "direct knowledge" of Rocky's forced living situation, he's been sleeping atop a yoga mat without any blankets near an inmate who’s struggling with mental health. That inmate, per the report, often slams his head against the wall and throws feces, making a mess that's allegedly never remedied by authorities.

Furthermore, Rocky is said to be facing unclean drinking water and food that's so inedible he spent the first five days eating only one apple every 24 hours.

Earlier this week, artists including Tyler, the Creator and Schoolboy Q announced they would be skipping Sweden outright on future tours in protest of Rocky's treatment.

If convicted, Rocky faces a sentence of up to six years. Per Tuesday's report, Rocky's efforts to get the State Department's assistance in freeing him have been complicated by Swedish authorities. So too was his legal right to speak with a U.S. Consulate official, with the official in question allegedly stating that he was initially turned down for access to a Rocky meeting because regional authorities were trying to hide the holding conditions.