2021 NBA Offseason Thread


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Feb 10, 2018
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48%- YES

52%- NO
The real questions are would you trade Bradley Beal for that same deal and is Washington silly enough not to?

I was listening to NBA radio this morning and Sam Mitchell (former NBA player and Head coach) was saying getting Beal on Golden State would make them too small because Green would have to play the 4. All I could do was laugh because Golden State has played Draymond at the 4 a ton (damn near exclusively) and won championships. Now I agree moving Klay to the 3 and having Beal and Curry in the back court does make them smaller in the starting unit overall but the fact that he doesn't know Draymond is a 4 is sad.

In Sam's defense though, in the past the Warriors had Harrison Barnes who is 6'8 and Durant who is 6'11" playing beside Draymond at the forward spots so maybe that's why he said what he said. But stil...........

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Jan 22, 2017
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Cade wants to be on the Rockets so bad but instead he's going to end up in Detroit with Mason Plumlee and Killian Hayes smh
“The team that had the number 1 pick” you mean the Pistons? But he said the Rockets by name. Fuckery is afoot already.

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Jan 18, 2017
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Just wanna read about giannis’ early life in Greece mostly with all his family more than anything

I think it’s a great tale of a poor rail thin kid getting out of a bad situation to being an all time great player

it’s inspiring if you will