2019 Betting Thread (@Mr Litty or @AP21 For Money Earnings)

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Jan 14, 2017
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Boxing Bets Payout Amounts

25% for Decision
1-3 rd 100% payout for Ko
After 3rd 50% payout for Ko

Basketball and Football Bets Payout Amounts

Bets are based on the spread

For ex if its GSW (-3) vs LAL (+3) , GSW would have to win by 4 for them to cover. LAL could lose by 3 and still cover.

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Feb 24, 2017
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I had 50k on Georgia plus the points. Can't quote the post but it's there...

Going forward just screenshot the spread from oddshark with the date and time?...
Jan 18, 2017
ABW Bucks
I need to start betting again, I've been sitting on 158 mil for a long ass time now

So I don't have to go looking for the new fight payout system

10M limit

100% payout for any stoppage in the first 3 rounds (boxing) 1st round (MMA)

50% payout for stoppage rounds 4-12 (boxing) rounds 2-5 (MMA)

25% payout for decision victory

NO parlays on any fights!

As always, all bets must be in before the fight starts. Once fighters enter ring/cage, betting is closed

UPDATE: Baseball Bets

Baseball bets you gonna provide your own spreads.

If the team wins by the number of runs you chose exactly- 150% payout

If they win by 1 (+/-) run- 100% payout

If they win by 2 (+/-) runs- 50% payout

If they win by 3 (+/-) runs or more -25% pay out
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