1. StringerBell

    Xbox Series X is the name of Xbox Project Scarlett Update:
  2. MoeW

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

  3. GOAT

    OPINION At what age is it okay for kids to start playing GTA or Red Dead?

    Thinkin about buying Red Dead 2 when it drops for my son. He will be 7 then. Any of u parents out there let your kids play gta?
  4. MoeW

    Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

    Available September 14.
  5. EleanorDeWitt

    Whatchu Waiting For?

    This is the spot to drop those games you can't wait to drop.. and speculate on games that may or may not ever come out I'm looking forward to ME:Andromeda Wishing, hoping and praying for Half Life 3/Portal 3 or a mashup of the two, but wouldn't be surprised if it never happens
  6. AP21

    Gaming News, Announcements, Trailers etc...

    Its my hope to not flood the site with a bunch of threads about games that maybe only 2 people are playing. It is my hope that there is general discussion about a game here, then if the following gets large enough, it can split off from here into its own thread Use this thread to post links...
  7. AP21

    What are you currently playing..(PC, XB1, PS4 video games)

    if anyone isnt playing titanfall 2, you need to reconsider life