1. OhMars

    New SiR - Chasing Summer Album

    Dropped tonight 8/29 1. Hair Down (feat. Kendrick Lamar) 2. John Redcorn 3. You - Can't - Save - Me 4. La List (feat. Smino) 5. Fire 6. New Sky (feat. Kadhja Bonet) 7. Lucy's Love (feat. Lil Wayne) 8. That's Why I Love You (feat. Sabrina Claudio) 9. Touchdown 10. Wires In The Way 11. Still...
  2. Matike85

    OUT NOW SchoolBoy Q "Crash Talk"

  3. MoeW

    Video Reason - Situations

  4. HarryHippie

    Staying faithful is a process

    I’m not sure this needed a thread but chill spot seemed a little spicy right now. Anyway my boy Jay Rock said this and I been listening to that song for 3days and saying that line for 2.5 Lately, the thought of monogamy been stressing me crazy(not really but just the thought been heavy and how...
  5. Mooney

    OPINION Crew Love Series : T.D.E

    An up and coming power house, with a profound leader in Kendrick Lamar, has a house full of albums and hits already!!! Can you tell me what your three favorite TDE albums are?