1. NeighborhoodNomad

    OPINION Relationship Contracts/Agreements??

    We know that marriage is a sort of a contract but what do you think about having contracts or agreements for relationships? For example... You and the person you're interested in or have been dating decide to be committed to each other (exclusively or otherwise) for a given period of time (1yr...
  2. S

    What is going on with this coworker?

    I had a one-on-one meeting with my coworker who's married. We both sat down across from each other and I noticed that he started tugging on the collar of his shirt for a few seconds. Then, he started touching his face. He started rubbing his mouth area and the sides of his face with his hand...
  3. G

    Why is this man acting like this?

    Not too long ago, my therapist had said something to me that made me feel uncomfortable as well as uncertain about how he views me. At one point, I had told him that I liked him as a therapist. Right after I had made that comment, he told me with a big smile on his face that he was glad that I...
  4. Loquacious

    What do you miss?

    Single people, what do you miss about being in a relationship? Taken people, what do you miss about being single?
  5. Loquacious

    Closer to your best friend than your S/O.

    Would you date someone who is closer to their best friend than they were to you? Would the best friend being the opposite gender, change anything? Would it bother you?
  6. Knock_Twice

    How long should you stay while your s/o is unemployed??

    5.) Issa was out of line, you're supposed to hold down your dude if he's going through a rough time. 4.) Lawrence still supposed to make Issa feel every kiss he gives her and still treat her like a gf. 3.) Ppl have their own agendas to justify their actions. 2.) Molly sexy than a...
  7. Loquacious


    Cheating has been around since forever. Sadly, cheating has damn near become acceptable. People are so open about having side chicks, main chicks, weekend chicks, a chick just for Thursday nights. It's a high chance that if you haven't cheated yourself or been cheated on, you know at least 5...
  8. Loquacious

    Mental Connection/Physical Connection

    Is having a good mental connection with someone more important than a physical one? Would you prefer someone who has a 10 personality but a 3 in looks or a 3 personality but a 10 in looks?
  9. Loquacious

    Does someone's past matter?

    Could you be in a relationship with someone that your friend slept with? Men: Let's say your friend gets with a chick who was ran through quite often. Would you tell him or let him be? Women: Let's say your friend gets with a man who was fucking every bitch in sight. Would you tell her or let...
  10. Loquacious

    Getting to know you.

    Stolen: So I just saw this and want to pose the question to my single folks... Would you swap phones with someone and go through each other's phones to "get to know them" and ultimately make a choice to get to know them further or not based solely on what you saw while with the phone?
  11. Loquacious

    We need to talk.

    How are often are you willing to have conversations with your s/o about your feelings and whatnot? I know men hate when women say "we need to talk."
  12. Loquacious


    For one I thought it was funny that it's my name and says she is a single parent of one, like myself. I also have a fear of my child not being accepted or treated as a grandchild to my new man's family. I don't care for all the lavish gifts, I just want him to be loved and accepted. Growing up...
  13. Reesey

    Are women too needy or do men neglect their duties?

    Debate in my whatsapp group. Is it the woman's issue if the attention she is getting from her dude is not enough, or does the issue lie with the man not giving her the attention she needs and should it be on him to increase? I know I am needy and get idle quickly. I like attention and when I...
  14. NeighborhoodNomad

    Random Thots & Relationships

    This is a place to share some of your random relationship thoughts/thots, questions, concerns, and perspectives about any and everything dealing with relationships and sex.
  15. Reesey

    Open Relationships

    Now a days monogamy, to some, is the most difficult thing in the world. To others, there is not other way to be in a relationship. Are you currently in an open relationship or have ever been in one? Females, perhaps just adding a lady into the mix? Males, perhaps just allowing your girl a side...