1. MoeW

    OUT NOW Dark Phoenix (6/7/19)

  2. Infamous114

    OUT NOW Marvel's Spider-Man: Far From Home (7/2/19)
  3. MoeW

    FOX - Marvel's The Gifted Season 2

    Season 2 premieres September 25.
  4. Infamous114

    Deadpool 2

  5. 5th Letter

    Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War

  6. MoeW

    FX - Legion Season 3 (June 24)

  7. Lou Cypher

    COMMUNITY The Official MCU Thread

    This thread is for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this thread we will discuss rumors of movie production and discuss our opinions of the movies when they are released. News articles related to the film production will be posted and possibly rumors of future films or stories. Chances are...