1. StringerBell

    A member of Tekashi‘s rainbow blood gang is in trouble for lettin’ off a warning shot @ the Barclays
  2. a.mann

    And Another One: Dr. Boyce Watkins Exposed as Fraud(?!?) Beefs With Old Co-Host Yvette C.

    Seriously what is going on within the black "conscious community"?? Ever since President Obama left office it's been damn near all out civil war (I actually have a theory as to why this may not be a coincidence,later for that) Anyway for the last year and some change....Cats have been...
  3. a.mann

    Umar Johnson vs. Tariq Nasheed

    If you could read the signs this has actually been brewing for quite some time now THIS is the big one people! 2 heavy weights of the "woke" "Conscious community"