1. SirReginald

    Where Are Five Cities You'd Love To Live In?

    For me; St Croix VI, Miami, Honolulu, D.C., or Virginia Beach.
  2. SirReginald

    Would You Ever Move Out Of The United States?

    If so, where would you go? I actually plan to do this later on in life and immigrate to Canada.
  3. SirReginald

    Has Anyone On Here Joined A Boxing Gym And Competed In The Amateurs Or Pros?

    I'm currently on a weight loss journey to 260 been doing good on that. My goal is to get into Boxing as a competitive activity and cut down to 190 while at the gym. I want to do some amateur fights and compete on the local regional circuit. I'm 26 btw. Do any of you compete or hav sparred...
  4. 5th Letter

    Is the conscious community frauds?

    This has been a constant debate on here for a while now. People like Boyce Watkins, Dr Umar Johnson, Jason Black, Superboy, Tariq Nasheed, Professor Black Truth, Yvette Cornell and others who speak on black issues are viewed by naysayers as frauds who scam the community, while others feel like...
  5. Loquacious

    What’s the difference between Forums and sites like FB, Twitter and IG?

    I had a long winded break down of the difference for me. What say you? I’ll drop mine in a minute.
  6. Loquacious

    COMMUNITY Oh No. This ABW Poster is in Jail!

    Tag a poster and tell a reason you think they are in jail. Got a call that @Ironman is in jail for killing his s/o with kindness.
  7. Goldie

    The Official Betting Thread

    Rules YOU CAN ONLY BET WHAT YOU HAVE IN YOUR ACCOUNT YOU CAN BET EITHER ANOTHER POSTER OR THE BANK YOU HAVE TO PLACE YOUR BET FOR THE GAME BEFORE THE GAME STARTS 2 pick parlay = 75% 3 pick parlay = 100% 4 pick parlay = 125% 5 pick parlay = 150% 6 pick parlay = 175%