DJ Akademiks’ Ex Claims He Abused Her

A few days ago word spread that DJ Akademiks was sent to jail and we later saw footage of him at a court hearing, but no info was released on why, now we have some. Apparently an ex of his released a short video of her face showing a swollen eye and cuts on her face, claiming that DJ Akademiks was the one who caused it. Shortly after DJ Akademiks went on twitch like he normally does and explained things from his side. He says she’s been stalking him since he ended things with her and she did the “abuse” to herself to get him back. He went on to show texts of her saying she would expose him, but she didn’t say in the text exactly what she expose. At this point it’s his word against hers, but Akademiks seems to be making the most sense. With that said, a woman claiming to be abused will not be taken lightly, so it may get ugly for him.





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