Diddy Reportedly Offering $1mil Modeling Contract To H&M “Hoodie Boy”

Earlier this week H&M was in hot water after a picture circulated of a young black boy wearing a hoodie that read “coolest monkey in the jungle”, which obviously had some racists undertones to it. Rightfully so, social media called them out on their tasteless and disrespectful ad, resulting in H&M publicly apologizing for their ad. The Weeknd publicly made a statement saying he refuses to ever work with the company again, which was very commendable for him to do. Now Diddy plans to take it a step further by hiring the young black boy in the ad as an official model for Diddy’s clothing company Sean John, according to reports. No word has gotten out on if the boy has accepted the offer. Diddy also went on Instagram with and posted an edited version of the ad.


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