Cardi B Gets Threatened By Crip Over The Color Flue

Cardi B Gets Threatened For Disrespecting The Color Flue aka Blue



It’s sad we’re in 2018 and there’s still idiots out here ready to die over a color. Yesterday, Cardi B posted a picture on Instagram wearing a blue fur, but it was her caption that caused an issue. Her caption read ” I hate wearing flue but this coat was too popping“.  Shortly after a 45 year old Crip member entered her Instagram comment section to respond. The OG Crip member goes by the name of B.G Knockout. B.G used to run with Eazy E and had his share of run ins with Death Row back in the 90s, including the infamous golf course brawl. The golf course brawl took place at Montell Jordan’s video shoot for Something For The Honeyz. O.G Knockout was there to cameo in the video, as were Nate Dogg and other Death Row members. OG Knockout said in his interview with Vlad TV there was already tension with him and Nate Dogg, but it all went down hill after Nate ran over his foot with a golf cart. What happened afterwards is what we see in the video below.



After Knockout describes what led to the brawl in his Vlad interview he admits an older man in his forties, beefing with other rappers is corny. That interview was relatively recent so for us to be where we are today is sad. That means he’s still on some childish bullsh%t. Yesterday after seeing Cardi take a stab at Crips in her caption, Knockout left a handful of threats in her comments. He first responded with ” I guess this raggedy mouth wh%re doesn’t think she can get her head busted”.  


He went on to say that any out of town coming to their city for All-Star weekend better be careful. Which was obviously a threat for Cardi B. We have an ex rapper who I’m assuming is still gang banging and is nearly 50 years old. That’s sad within itself. Not only that but you just threatened a high profile celebrity. Not only that, but it was online for everybody to see. I expect dumb actions like this from these young idiots, but you’re nearly 50. There’s no excuse for this. Plus the obvious red flag (no pun), you’re a grown man trying to fight a woman. Who raised you?


In no way am I trying to defend Cardi B. She’s pretty much as dumb as he is and that’s hard to be. You’re in a privileged position. You’re arguably the hottest female rapper in the game and in the position to make a lot of money. You don’t need a gang affiliation to sell records, nobody cares about that. If you need it for protection, buy security, it’ll save you a lot more money and energy. You don’t put in any work in the streets, so you throwing up Bs and dissin other gangs looks ridiculous. Which is why right after he called you out, you removed that caption ASAP.


We all know you’re not about that life and we all know your blouse wearing boyfriend isn’t either. Just because yall are affiliated with street cats, that doesn’t make you street. Remember that. Now with all of that said, all of this street and gang stuff is nonsense. It slows down the money. Ya’ll are reppin and holding down a block yall don’t even own. How dumb can yall be that you still don’t realize that? Before yall were any other color, you were black first. I don’t see any of yall pulling up on any of these cops and other people like Andrew Zimmerman. However yall super quick to attack your own. Wake the hell up. Especially Cardi B, because it’ll be ashamed to lose it all over the word “flue”.


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