ABW Interviews The Ladybug Speaker: Part One

Today I have the luxury of speaking with one of the most talented women I’ve come in contact with, The LadyBug Speaker. She’s a motivational speaker, author, actress, singer, painter, journalist , student and most importantly a mother and I think she’s a superhero at night. In this interview we talk about what inspired her to become a motivational speaker, her book Shine Sista Shine, her viewpoint on dating and more.


ABW: With being multi-faceted as you are, is there one thing that you’re most passionate about over the rest?


Ladybug Speaker: The majority of my energy is put into motivational speaking, that’s my passion. That’s what I enjoy and love the most to do and that’s what I plan to build upon once I get the rest of my degrees. The poetry? I was more into that when I was younger. I still write every now and then, but I no longer perform or go to poetry events anymore, but it’s always going to be a part of me.

As far as book writing, I have one book and I’m actually working on my second book right now. It’s going to be a reflection of my experience in Ghana. I’m hoping to have the manuscript finished by August 22nd and have it published by the beginning of next year.



ABW: You say that motivational speaking is your main passion. Is there a person or particular moment that inspired you to start motivational speaking?



Ladybug Speaker: I believe I was 19 and living in East Cleveland. In case you haven’t heard, it’s not the best neighborhood. I was sitting at the bus stop and this young lady was getting into an argument with her boyfriend. He was screaming at her and getting all in her face, just a cowardly man. You can tell that they had an abusive relationship. Once I saw that, something came over me. It was outside of myself and involuntary. I just walked up to her and said “you don’t have to put up with this, you’re a strong black woman”. I’m going to call it the spirit of God that took over me. I tried to give her my phone number but of course he took it and ripped it up. He actually started treating her like a dog and told her to beat me up, basically sicked her on me. She got right in my face, but she didn’t do anything, just stood there crying. I kept telling her she didn’t deserve this and to stay strong but she ultimately walked back to him and I never saw her again. However, when I got back home I looked in the mirror and was like ” OMG, what was that?!?” and it was just a different feeling. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Dragon Ball Z, but it was like I went into Super Saiyan mode, it felt so natural.

I actually didn’t act upon the gift until about 3 to 4 years after that when I moved to Los Angeles. That’s when I started watering the seed that was planted. I ended up getting a speaking guru and that’s when I started developing my gift. Since then I’ve competed and won speech competitions and I’ve been motivational speaking for 7 years now.



ABW: You mentioned that you relocated from Cleveland to Los Angeles. How was that experience and what enticed you to make that move?


Ladybug Speaker: It felt like something out of a movie. At the time I was modeling in Cleveland. I eventually started taking some acting classes and got a role in an independent film, however it never came into fruition unfortunately, but I was having some success. I was doing fashion shows and photo shoots and my name was starting to buzz around the city. So I thought to myself “I need to take this to the next level”. So I sold everything I had and bought a one way ticket to Los Angeles and ended up living in West Hollywood, but God works in mysterious ways. When I got out there I may have went on one audition. My conscious switched to a different direction once I started living out there and became a local. Everyday I was seeing the homeless people, seeing the kids, seeing the LGBTQ community. Actually being on skid row and seeing the homeless people scattered on the side of the road like light poles was too much for me. That’s when I realized I had a higher calling. I need to be speaking life into these people. I don’t need to be trying to walk down a runway or be in front of the camera, I need to do something that’s purposeful and ultimately that’s what sparked my first book, which i wrote in L.A.



ABW: Your 2nd book will be about the trip you recently took to Ghana. How would you describe that experience?


Ladybug Speaker: It’s really an indescribable experience. To go back to where you came from and connect those dots. To be in a fully functional society that’s organized and ran by black people. To not be the minority and to be able to just be. To feel welcomed and at home. To be able to walk down the street and not be harassed by the police. To be able to walk down the street and not looked at crazy because of your hair. To actually feel like you belong somewhere. To not be lost anymore and know where I came from. That’s why I’m trying to write grants to get money for black students to be able to take a dna test to find out exactly where they’re from. I’m not exactly sure where I’m from yet but I’ve narrowed it down to about 7 countries, Gambia, Mali, Togo, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and Cameroon. Going to Ghana bridged a lot of gaps for me and made me realize how excellent black people really are and that excellence should be the standard and not the exception to the rule. When I tell people I get straight A’s they’re flabbergasted like “OMG, you’re a single mother and you have a 4.0!?!” and I’m like um….. yes, because I come from greatness so you shouldn’t be surprised by that.



ABW: On your Youtube channel ”¬†Ladybug Speaker¬†” you’re very open with your personal life. What made you become so open and have you regretted revealing anything thus far?


Ladybug Speaker: No, because I wouldn’t put anything out there that I would regret. I’ve always been a transparent woman, which is something that many respect about me. By me wanting to relate to millions of people ultimately, I have to be open, honest and relatable. All the things I go through and talk about on my channel, people go through all the time. When people feel that you’re genuine and you’re real, they support you, so I’m going to be the good the bad and the ugly. I won’t go into specific details but I will give you a glimpse of my struggles, so you will know that I’m really trying to help and not just putting up a facade like my life is perfect. I would prefer them to see my struggles and how I overcame them, which hopefully would empower them. If you’ve never been through my struggle how can you tell me how to fix it? If you’ve never been a single mother, how can you tell me how it is? If I can’t identify with those struggles then why am I talking to you?




Here’s a few Ladybug Speaker videos from her channel:






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